WordPress 3.8.3 fixes a bug with “Quick Draft”

Last week’s 3.8.2 security release introduced a bug where drafts written with the Quick Draft tool in the dashboard were not saved. That bug is fixed with today’s 3.8.3 release. What’s really interesting about this release is that not only is the bug fixed, but discarded draft posts will be restored, if possible.

It’s possible that the quick draft you lost last week is still in the database, and just hidden from view. As an added complication, these “discarded drafts” normally get deleted after seven days, and it’s already been six days since the release. If we were able to rescue your draft, you’ll see it on the “All Posts” screen after you update to 3.8.3. (We’ll also be pushing 3.8.3 out as a background update, so you may just see a draft appear.)

Kudos to the core team for going the extra mile to attempt to reduce the impact of this bug, which is already an edge case. In today’s announcement post, Andrew Nacin notes “…any loss of content is unacceptable to us,” and it’s clear that this isn’t just a superficial claim.

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  1. I find it peculiar that I encountered this bug this afternoon when I used the “Quick Draft” feature for the first time and a fix is released on the same day.

    1. Khürt, do you mean that you find it peculiar, as in suspicious, or just a funny coincidence?

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