WordPress 3.9, “Smith”

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  1. Users can also use the playlist shortcode directly in the editor, even to external sources for the URLs. And with the type parameter, can specify a playlist to be for video.

    This really interests me, but I’m having trouble finding info about the available parameters. Where can I find more info on this

      • Thanks, I’m still not seeing any way of adding external sources to playlists. It seems to only support audio files already in the library. I’m wanting to create a playlist of files from an Amazon S3 bucket, but I don’t think this will be feasible with the shortcode.

  2. Image properties used to let me add vertical and horizontal margin. Where did that go? I used to be able to experiment with changing image sizes using the ‘%’ shrink/zoom option which is also gone? Now I have to know the exact proportional dimensions I want to use?

  3. Visual editor or HTML editor will not show up for me at all so it’s completely impossible to make a post! Ugh! Can someone help out with this issue?

  4. Widget Customization & preview is an awesome feature. Previously we have to apply widgets for reviewing how it will be shown, now things got easier with this update,

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