WordPress 4.2.4 maintenance and security release

WordPress 4.2.4 was released and auto-updated in the last 24 hours, thankfully to seemingly little attention (other than perhaps a bit of update fatigue). And that’s a good thing. According to the announcement post, the release addresses six different issues.

The most interesting thing I learned with this release is from a comment Gary Pendergast made on WP Tavern’s post about the update in response to an angry commenter:

You’ll also be please to know that we’ve been experimenting with automated security scanning of themes and plugins, with some very promising results. It’s not quite ready for public release (it still needs further development work, and we’d also like to give theme and plugin authors a chance to fix any issues), but we’re at the stage where we’re looking at how to ramp it up to scan the entire repo – it should hopefully be giving us useful protection in the near future.

Now that is exciting!

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