A practical guide to the GPL

Richard Best has invested a lot to understanding the GPL, inside and out. He now has an ebook to help guide others on the GPL.

Now, in a single place, you can find answers to all manner of issues relating to WordPress and the GPL, from the birth of WordPress and why the GPL applies, to common GPL-related business questions, to WordPress businesses’ terms of use versus GPL freedoms.

The ebook has three packages, starting at $25, but there are discounts for buying early. One package includes a terms of use builder.

The content of the book looks pretty interesting, though I haven't yet made the time to get through it. I'm not sure how many folks will spring for this, as it's quite a niche book topic, but I hope for Richard's sake that it does well, and I'm sure those that do read it will gain a good bit of value.

Also valuable from Richard recently, is a human readable version of the GPL that he wrote.

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