WordPress 4.6 wishlist

No rest for the wicked. WordPress 4.6 development is officially underway. To start, 4.6 Release Lead Dominik Schilling (you may better know him as Ocean90) has followed the recent trend of opening up Make Core for an ideas “wishlist”. There are already dozens of requests, and it’s a good time to add your own.

Below are a few standouts so far (in my personal opinion). I’m linking to the comments on the post itself, many of which link to relevant Trac tickets for getting involved:

There are obviously way more on the post. Another that Joe and I talked about on the podcast was to finally include or fork or do something with a more advanced “select” framework the way you see in Chosen or Select2. Previous efforts were derailed for accessibility issues, if I recall correctly, and I think getting through remaining issues would open up some other user interface driven issues around the WordPress admin.

Also, two feature projects weren’t mentioned as much in this post, but I feel like maybe it’s because desire for them is pretty saturated and everyone knows they’d be good, but obviously the WordPress REST API endpoints and the Fields API should be on folks mind as well.

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