WordPress 5.7 was released on schedule…

WordPress 5.7 was released on schedule on Tuesday with 66+ enhancements and 126+ bug fixes.

This release was made with the work of more than 481 volunteers. Of these, 129 are first-time contributors to WordPress core. 🙌

The 5.7 release was named “Esperanza” after Esperanza Spalding, “a modern musical prodigy” who I’m overjoyed to add to my playlist. 🎶

If you haven’t read the 5.7 field guide, now’s a good time. If you are a developer, be sure to check out the upcoming plans for full site editing and Gutenberg.

Francesca Marano interviewed two Yoast employees who were deeply involved with this release: Tim Hengeveld served as the Design focus lead and Sergey Biryukov as the Core tech lead. 🙏

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