WordPress.com introduces Connect, a “login with” API

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

6 thoughts on “WordPress.com introduces Connect, a “login with” API”

  1. You must connect with WordPress.com to get a gravatar. So from what I can see… it is part of it.

    By using login with WordPress.com (you’re not just tapping into WP.com blog users, but also all other Automattic properties that use single sign-on). For example: Akismet, VaultPress, PollDaddy, etc.

    It’d be interesting to see if Jetpack gets this feature.

    • I would be shocked if JP didn’t get it. It might take some sight configuration on the comment login form depending on theme, but the hook to add support would be like one line so I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be part of JP.

  2. Syed, would it interest you from a WP Beginner standpoint? I feel like if any niche would use this, it might be ours. Surely most of our readers already have .com accounts.

  3. See, I thought this already existed — in fact I would have bet money on it. I know that there were sites that would allow login or whatever via WP.com before, I guess this is just an extension of that but for everyone.

    I’m not opposed to something like this, especially since it’s basically just another OpenID/OAuth type of solution (when Brad Fitzpatrick, the father of basically modern Web 2.0 and the man without which most of our tools (I’d argue that includes WP and WP.com) created OpenID in 2005, I’ve always argued that it was the right idea and the wrong implementation. The OAuth/XAuth protocols were much better implementations of essentially the same idea), but I wonder at the inherent value for end users.

    For Automattic, the value is clear as it extends the use of their platform and login. Same as it does do Google, Twitter and insertLoginEndpointHere, but I wonder what the value is for users aside from “freedom” (which let’s be frank, end users don’t care about) and potentially as an easier way for developers to register accounts.

    That said, my only real concern is that as much as I like Gravatar (a service that pre-acquisition was a frequent companion with the comment system that JS-kit (now Echo) merged with back in the Blogger hey day of 2004/2005), I always fear that using my WP.com login will make my WP.com blog URL appear in a comment or profile, even thiugh it has literally only existed as an Akismet login for the last 8 years or so.

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