WordPress.com partners with ShopLocket for eCommerce

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

6 thoughts on “WordPress.com partners with ShopLocket for eCommerce”

    • I actually like that they didn’t, simply because doing that would literally kill all of the others, at least in terms of total usage.

    • It didn’t surprise me that they went for a partner we don’t really know. Basically what Pippin says makes great sense, but I also think the plugins that are better know are also too complex to support this. Shoplocket seems the perfect fit to provide a small set of eCommerce features to existing blogs and websites. Not that the better known eCommerce plugins couldn’t do that, but this is obviously easier to maintain.

  1. I think hosted eCommerce plugins/services are completely different to what the WordPress plugins we all know are offering. To me, hosted eCommerce will always be limited in a way, while the plugins give you a lot more freedom. This is basically another WordPress.com vs self hosted, yes it will have advantages but also a lot of disadvantages.

    The same goes for the target audience. I haven’t seen or used it myself yet, but it all sounds very limited in terms of features. This is suitable for users who want to add a little selling funnel to their existing blogs and websites, not for someone who gets serious into eCommerce.

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