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WordPress Community Roundup

A New Home for the WordPress Community?

It sounds like a tall order, but there it is: over at Ollie, Mike McAlister has proposed “a thought experiment and design concept” called OpenPress:

What would it look like to start connecting millions of websites, users, and content that power half of the web in a more purposeful and open way?

Alex Kirk drew attention to his work on a plugin I’d never heard of called Friends. Friends makes it easier to follow your selected blogs/RSS feeds inside WordPress — and restrict some posts to a private network of friends. There are content blocks with restricted visibility “for friends on a per-block basis.” Friends “supports IndieAuth” and “doesn’t interfere with other IndieWeb projects such as Webmentions.”

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Sabina Ionescu published a lot of different responses from people in the WordPress community to questions about the impact of the pandemic on them.

The history of screen readers is incredible! Sheon Han tells their hidden story and how “blind programmers have been creating the tools their community needs” — for decades.

Joanne Limburg discusses the agonizing and awful, inadequate questions about disability in job applications, government forms, and thoughtless conversations.

Dan Knauss blogged about “crip time.” What happens if we think about time management through disability, pain, grief, or the needs of children?

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