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Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes,Β Stitcher,Β and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle — the CTO of Human Made — and Brian Krogsgard.

Everybody creates workflows to accomplish their development work. And sometimes you come upon a new tool that completely changes how you do things, and helps you improve your productivity.

In this episode, Joe and Brian aim to share their tools in the hopes that it will help others review and refine their own processes. And Joe and Brian approach things quite differently themselves, so they compare and contrast their own workflows. Have something to add to the conversation, be sure to comment!

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Coding Tools & Debugging

Build Tools

Version Control / Review Tools / Deployment

Frontend Tools / Extensions


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  1. Beanstalk/Deploybot rules! Glad to see more and more people using it. Your workflow is exactly the same as mine in regards to naming/deploy strategies. πŸ™‚

  2. At one point Joe mentioned a build server that pulled the changes from git, did some stuff, and then deployed it to a server, is there anywhere where he goes into more with what he’s using? I’m assuming Jenkins, and I’d like to try something like that – Jenkins pulls from git, runs gulp to concatenate and compress files, and then push that build via ftp to a server.

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