WordPress to be bundled in Jetpack with mission to power 50% of the web

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

21 thoughts on “WordPress to be bundled in Jetpack with mission to power 50% of the web”

  1. Matt said to me recently that he felt I would appreciate some of the upcoming changes in JetPack. I guess this is what he was referring to.

    But I think they should include Drupal instead. I hear it’s better.

  2. Damn it, you got me. I started telling our team that we all needed new business cards. This was the first thing I read this morning and I wasn’t quite awake yet. 😛

    Post Status 1: Steven 0

  3. This is my favorite: “The CEO of Automattic worked with the co-founder of WordPress directly, mediated by the head of the WordPress Foundation. Matt Mullenweg said the meetings were very productive.” I also heard that that the blogger from the popular Ma.tt website was there taking photos to document this historic event. 🙂

  4. Well played sir, well played. I LOL’d 🙂

    If we can get Jetpack pre-installed as a plugin within the WordPress module… it’s Jetpacks all the way down (and up!)

    • Use of the “jetpack” word in the domain name will not be allowed, just like using “wordpress” isn’t, so you’ll have to settle with winningjp.com or something.

  5. Seriously though, what happens if this new JetPack is installed on a legacy version of WordPress?

    It could cause a parallax or an infinite scroll in the space-time continuum.

  6. Well, I can say that I started to use Jetpack on my blog about two weeks ago after an email from Google about my mobile-friendly version.
    Since I installed it, things work much smoother.

  7. Haaaa. No foolin’ though, WordPress does feel like a Jetpack module these days, given the relative size of the two. I’m pretty sure if every WP user activated all their Jetpack modules at once the internet would need a hard reset.

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