WordPress Podcast and Video Picks for the Week of May 15

Good viewing and listening for you this weekend! Krogsgard on memberships and churn. Web 2.0 tech leaders reflect. Mike McAlister on the journey from Atomic Blocks and Array Themes to the Liftoff Creator Course. Paid services at Underrepresented in Tech. The Pattern Creator and Directory. WCEU. Inclusive Open Source Processes and Governance.

My Podcast Picks šŸŽ™ļø

My Video Pick šŸ“ŗ

  • Inclusive Open Source Processes and Governance is a great presentation by Silona Bonewald via Open Source 101 in early April 2022.

And don’t miss the latest updates from the people making WordPress. We’ve got you covered with This Week at WordPress.org. āš™ļø

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