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It’s easy to see a year-in-review like Sandhills‘ and think, “that just doesn’t relate to me.” Maybe you’re a one-person business, or you’re not seeing the path forward. Millions in revenue feels impossible.

If that’s the case, you will enjoy reading Jack Arturo’s year-in-review for WP Fusion, a product that I must admit I could not recall hearing of before I read this post. But wow, was I blown away.

Jack has driven down into a niche of providing Zapier-like services deeply integrated with many popular (and some less popular) WordPress plugins. It’s very, very clever, and he’s found a special place in the LMS space.

In 2016, Jack made $44,725. In 2019, he made $303,242. Just, wow. And he’s set the business up to do some great stuff in 2020, with new integrations, and a stunning new website.

Updates, branding, usage insights, revenue, and support all come into the story. It’s especially fascinating to see the breakdown of plugin usage he sees from his customers. Go read it!

A few highlights:

  • In 2019 there were 65 releases of the core WP Fusion plugin.
  • The total number of platforms supported rose to 39.
  • 2019 was WP Fusion’s “best year yet for revenue.”
  • Total gross revenue ($303,242) increased by 89% with 756 new sales.
  • 154 new customers emerged on Black Friday alone! πŸ™Œ

I always enjoy annual reflections from business owners in the WordPress space, but this one went above and beyond. Going into this level of detail is a rare and valuable source of insight. Thanks, Jack!

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