WPCampus Online 2019 has come and…

WPCampus Online 2019 has come and gone, but you can view presenters’ slides, and video will be available soon. There was quite a lot of material related to Gutenberg, dubbed “Gute” or “Gutes” in WPCampus chats.

The Gutenberg Accessibility Audit presentation by Rachel Cherry and Brian DeConinck is essential viewing. It contains the interim results of ongoing testing from the audit, which is being done by Tenon. (The presentation video is available now.)

According to the audit so far, “the technical accessibility is really good.” It’s “accessible usability” where the greatest problems lie. Gutenberg is difficult to use with a keyboard, screen reader, or voice software. Take note of the “homework” assignment at the end of the slides: it’s called “a thousand tabs of death.” ☠️ (Nice Philip K. Dick reference.)

Rachel and Brian stressed how the goal of the report is not to make decisions for institutions. It’s intended to help them make more informed decisions.

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