Just another migration story

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

2 thoughts on “Just another migration story”

  1. Migrations take longer than I think, every time. My scariest was migrating a live e-commerce site, which was actively taking orders all the time. I had built the site locally, but didn’t want to overwrite the database, so I stayed up very late one night, put the live site in maintenance mode, rebuilt the whole thing by copying from the local version, then relaunched at 2am. At one point I needed tech support as I had never set up Cloudflare before and that was confusing things. It all worked out. Client had no idea of how much went into it. I sent her a cheery morning message, “your new site is live!”

  2. It’s like tranquillizing an uncooperative creature, doing some surgery, and then bringing it back to life.

    Anticipating similar problems with an email migration job for a professional society’s board, I didn’t start until a Sunday night. But then I discovered nobody had any email, they had mail aliases sending everything to their personal accounts. News to them! They seemed moderately pleased to learn G-Suite is now forwarding their mail *and* saving copies should they actually want to use it.

    Sounds like you got it “done done” Marjorie. 😄

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