Yoast changes licensing structure to not allow unlimited licenses

Joost de Valk posted on his Tumblr, of all things, that their commercial plugins at Yoast.com have undergone a licensing structure change. They’ve changed to yearly based support, and also removed their unlimited site license. They’re hoping to eliminate abuses with the move, and he cites the statistic, “2% of our licenses to be responsible for over 30% of support tickets.” They’ve grandfathered everyone in, but withhold the right to revoke licenses, “when we feel you’re abusing the license and/or our support employees.”

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  1. That’s fantastic. There has been all this talk lately about running sustainable WordPress businesses and not promising “lifetime” support/updates, yet many plugin sellers and virtually all theme sellers who are now charging yearly renewal are still offering support and updates for “unlimited” sites. That’s unrealistic too.

    Think I’ll blog something about this now…

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