A commercial plugin directory

Steven Gliebe has launched a commercial plugin directory called Pro Plugin Directory.

My point is that commercial plugins are a big deal but there is no central place to locate them. I usually search WordPress.org and find something free that meets my needs. But sometimes I don’t — and I’m willing to pay for a plugin that will do the trick. If you’re like me, there are times when you actually prefer to pay because you know that there is a business behind that plugin you rely on and that help and updates will be available to you.

Search Google for paid plugins? That works. Sometimes. Many times though you get a bunch of affiliate-made listicles made by people that know little of the plugins they are pushing and would like you to think each one is great, just as long as they get a commission somehow. Sure, there are quality commission-supported sites (and listicles) but many times premium plugin search results are a road with potholes.

I like it, but I do fear it could sit out in the ether, relatively unused. It also reminds me of Tidy Repo a bit, which has changed direction a good bit and I guess Steven wasn’t aware of it (kind of proof of my fears for his venture, to be honest).

However, I think Steven has proven — with his efforts on HostingReviews.io — that he can be a good, unselfish host for such a resource that is ripe for selfishness and favoritism.

What would make Pro Plugin Directory best is mass adoption. Submissions are free and easy. Go do it if you have a commercial plugin; maybe it could work.

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