A few follow-ups on recent news

There are a few items from the last few days I’d like to follow up on, so figured I’d just lump them in here together.

First off, Jetpack had a bit of a rocky update to 3.4. Version 3.4.1 came today with a bunch of fixes, including one that prevents a fatal for users that had BruteProtect enabled and updated Jetpack. Oops. They also already reverted that green banner I complained about, now showing the Jetpack logo — much more tolerable.

Yoast released an update to Google Analytics today, similar to the slew that came through from Yoast and other plugin developer’s in the last week. They explain the issue on their blog.

Related, it appears there have been a significant number of instances where the forced upgrade to WordPress SEO somehow caused sites to deactivate the plugin. I think it happened to me too, but I didn’t realize that’s what did it as I was also doing other things. Syed Balkhi has a writeup about the issues he ran into with the forced upgrade on WB Beginner.

The WordPress TinyMCE editor recommendations I linked to yesterday already has a corresponding plugin, and I missed it. How cool is that? I’m going to try this out and report back once I’ve used it a bit.

I mentioned the pending GiveWP recently, and now it’s on Github for preview! Check it out, I think it looks pretty slick.

I talked about Story.am when it launched, Nick Haskins hosted version of Aesop Story Engine. He’s about to go live with Lasso (as a paid plugin), the editor that drives it. You can test drive it on the Lasso website, and it’s my favorite part of the tools he’s built. He has a post on the developer features for Lasso as well.

Alright, just wanted to do a couple of follow-ups. Carry on!

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