Adii Pienaar on his new startup and stepping down from day to day role at WooThemes

Brian Casel interviewed Adii Pienaar on his Bootstrapped Web podcast recently, where Adii goes into some detail about his new startup for entrepreneurs, Public Beta. Adii also gives more detail about his recent decision to step down from the day-to-day business of running WooThemes.

He’s still quite active with WooThemes, but more from an avisory role. It’s quite a testament to the stability of the company, if you ask me. His Public Beta startup, kind of like Treehouse for entreprenuers, also seems quite interesting.

I had an opportunity to meet Adii almost exactly a year ago, and I could tell right away how thoughtful of a leader he is; not to mention that he was so willing to take so much of his time to talk to me as a customer. I look forward to seeing both WooThemes and Public Beta continue to improve under his guidance.

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