Aesop, a Medium-esque “story engine” for WordPress

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “Aesop, a Medium-esque “story engine” for WordPress”

  1. I think prominently advertising the option to use your own domain name for the hosted version would give Aesop a strong selling point over platforms like Medium, where you don’t “own your content”. I didn’t see any mention of that being available on Nick’s site, but I hope he’ll consider adding it, even if for a fee.

  2. Medium is predominantly short articles and so it’s not the competition for Aesop.

    Aesop is about bringing long-form storytelling in the style of the NYT to WordPress. That is big news. Not only does it truly cement WP as a CMS and not a blogging tool but it puts long-form capabilities into the hands of millions.

    The issue will be that it is only a tool and that the output can only be as good as those using it. As you point out, the NYT articles work because of the combination of professionals involved.

    The writing of the content, perhaps, won’t be the biggest concern. These types of stories require proper content production and that’s where skills new to a WP environment will be required.

    That said, I think Aesop is a potential game changer especially for the small publishers.

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