AffiliateWP launches with aim to make affiliate marketing with WordPress easy

Pippin Williamson and Andrew Munro have just launched Version 1.0 of AffiliateWP, an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

Pippin is well known in the WordPress community for his work as a plugin reviewer on, his blog and plugins on PippinsPlugins, and his popular eCommerce product Easy Digital Downloads. Andrew Munro has been a big contributor to Easy Digital Downloads since 2012, primarily using the name Sumobi. He also boasts themes and plugins for Easy Digital Downloads.

How AffiliateWP came to be

Late last year, Pippin got fed up with the various affiliate marketing options, and set out to do it the right way, straight from WordPress. From the announcement post, they cite their motivation:

We wanted a platform that was reliable, worked effectively, and one that we loved to use.

Today is the result of those months of work, and amazingly the plugin already has 14 contributors.

In an impressive move, Pippin and Andrew have decided to host and maintain the plugin on a public Github repo, despite selling the plugin as a commercial product. Post Status contributing editor Travis Northcutt will have an interview up with Pippin soon to talk about that decision.

AffiliateWP pricing and how to use it

AffiliateWP has gone through two beta cycles and is in use on a select number of production websites, including Pippin's own. Now, anyone can use AffiliateWP for a starting price of $49 per year. Additional licenses are available for $99 and $199.

If you're interested in a complete breakdown of how to use the plugin, Beka Rice has already done an excellent job showcasing how to use AffiliateWP on the SellwithWP blog.

Integrations with eCommerce plugins

One of the most interesting features of AffiliateWP is the integration potential. With Version 1.0, AffiliateWP already has integrations available for every major WordPress eCommerce player, including EDD, WooCommerce, Exchange, Shopp, and WP E-Commerce. More integrations are on the way as well.

Creating integrations for AffiliateWP is also quite simple. The existing integrations are all about 100 lines of code or less. There is even a roadmap for AffiliateWP to enable integrations for hosted eCommerce solutions.

Affiliate marketing, in general

In full disclosure, I'm not a big fan of affiliate marketing for this blog. I don't use it. However, I do fully appreciate the power of affiliate marketing for getting the word out about products for product makers, as well as a revenue generator for bloggers. I have no qualms with folks that use affiliate plugins, even though I don't see my site as a fit place for it in the normal capacity.

AffiliateWP promises to be an exceptional plugin. I've been tracking the development progress through the Github activity, as well as Pippin's updates on the ApplyFilters podcast. I know that he has gone the extra mile to ensure that this is a solid solution for folks that want to do affiliate marketing the right way, seamlessly, from their WordPress install.

You can learn more about AffiliateWP on the launch post.