AffiliateWP launches with aim to make affiliate marketing with WordPress easy

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

7 thoughts on “AffiliateWP launches with aim to make affiliate marketing with WordPress easy”

  1. It’s awesome that they decided to host the whole project publicly on GitHub and ask users to buy a license in good faith and/or if they need support.
    This is _exactly_ what’s needed for the WordPress community in my opinion as I’m really starting to get fed up with all the great plugins in the official plugin repo asking for money to get the “pro version” :-/
    I do understand that they have to make money too, I’m a developer myself, however there are other ways, just like the one Pippin showed today! Go AffiliateWP!

    • So far we are really, really pleased with the result. We’ll go into more detail in the post coming up that Brian mentioned above, but one of the huge advantages is the extra sets of eyes that we get from other developers to help us fix bugs, add features, etc.

      At the time of launch, 14 developers had contributed code.

      • I’m rooting for you guys, I believe that a more stable and featureful product in exchange for a couple of extra bucks by keeping it private for those that don’t purchase is a no-brainer!

    • I agree that hosting this on a public repo is a great move, and ultimately, I think it will make for a more profitable plugin.

      I am a little confused by your mention of plugins on the dot org repository, which also have a pro version. Is your preference that paid plugins simply not publish any version to the dot org repository? Just want to make sure I understand where you’re coming from 🙂

      • Nope, I think the “here is an awesome looking plugin, but this just a teaser, please buy the full one if you’d like to actually do something with it” mentality is hurting the WP community as a whole. Releasing a completely free and open source version and then charging for support is much much better. Most people will need support anyways and if you have a great plugin, it will get you business. A lot! But if you don’t have a great one, you won’t sell too many copies anyways so now you’re not making money and the users are missing out on a plugin too. That’s what I’m against. Oh and plugin authors using the repo only as a free marketing/traffic source… Not sure if that makes sense? 🙂

  2. I’ve been using AffiliateWP since the first public beta, and I can honestly tell you it’s a refreshing solution to many of the affiliate headaches that other platforms create. I’m expecting great things for its future, even if it never improves from its current state.

  3. wow! .. I have been looking for an Affiliate Plugins for WordPress. And not just any plugin but a good plugin to help me get affiliates for my membership sites.

    I just tried the Demo and I’m liking this so far. I might end up purchasing this plugin soon! 🙂 ..

    As soon as I finish my products and they are looking good to go big!

    This is a nice blog site by the way!

    Thanks for sharing this info!

    I wish you the best!


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