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Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes,Β Stitcher,Β and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle — the CTO of Human Made — and Brian Krogsgard.

HTTPS and HTTP/2 are somewhat intertwined, and a lot has been going on lately in this realm. Google has made a big push to encourage the use of SSL for websites — including making it a search ranking factor — and LetsEncrypt and other services are offering new ways to deliver free SSL certificates, securely. And HTTPS is required for HTTP/2, which is making a big splash as well, quickly outpacing SPDY. Today, we’ll talk about what these terms are, and what it means for the web and for WordPress.

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  1. There are not really any big differences in SSL/TLS certs. Technically some SLL certs support more ciphers and encryption protocols but nobody cares. I recommend getting whatever is reasonably priced each year or free certs from LetsEncrypt or somewhere else.

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