An Inside Job: The Danger of Weaponized Open Source Projects

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Written By David Bisset

2 thoughts on “An Inside Job: The Danger of Weaponized Open Source Projects”

  1. Interesting, in the case of russian war, I think the answer to your question (What does it even mean to target people who are “from” a certain country?) is the one who pays taxes to Russia (at the same time it sponsors their army) should be banned. But from our experience (Crocoblock), we’ve not just banned Belarusian & Russian but left them the opportunity to refresh their license if they don’t support putin regime and war.

    Thank you for the article; it makes me think deeply about WordPress project. 🙂

  2. Thank you!

    Interesting perspective on how to make that distinction among customers. What a terrible situation…

    Re. taxation… there might be supporters of the Russian government’s actions who do not pay them taxes and non-supporters who are required to. Generally, taxation indicates residency, not necessarily citizenship, but the US ties citizenship to taxation no matter where you are living. So does Eritrea, and those are the only two.

    I actually know a person with Eritrean, US, Canadian, and Dutch citizenship — they pay taxes to where they are living but must report to the others as well and potentially pay in other countries depending on business and property holdings. Actually asking customers to position themselves and respond might be the only way to verify if you want them as customers, although it still involves trust.

    The less trust in the world, the worse it is for us all.

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