Another take on redesigning the WordPress admin

George Kordas has put together a tremendous effort on his concept for a new WordPress admin design. It’s very, very pretty I think. I love seeing what people are coming up with. This skin, and the DevPress one, are fun experiments to see in addition to MP6, which will be included as the default skin in WordPress 3.8. As I’ve said before, a new skin alone will not be enough to truly change publishing with WordPress, but it’s a start.

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  1. It’s pretty, but (bearing in mind that I’m not a designer or a UI person) I don’t see how the beauty itself is an improvement over MP6, in terms of usability.

    Also, the layout seems to assume a ridiculously wide-screen layout. Great for designers and Mac people, I suppose; but how would that render for the vast majority of people with more-conventional display sizes?

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