DevPress releases new iteration of an alternative admin design

dp-dashTung Do has released yet another iteration of a custom WordPress admin design at DevPress. I’ve seen Tung experiment with a black version, a white version, and a “Hunter” version. And now he’s consolidating the previous three themes to one, a green version.

I definitely think it’s pretty in its own way, but I don’t understand why he’s done some things, like making it green. I also don’t think the numbered left navigation is intuitive at all. This project may be a fit for a small niche that’s interested in toying with a pretty skin, but I don’t really see how it’s solving core issues of making it easier to publish within the WordPress admin.

I do like that Tung used the Dashicons from MP6 and his efforts on the responsive bits. I think he’s a talented designer. And I know it takes him a long time to do this. I’d love to see how those efforts could be channeled into a more official channel with the MP6 team or the UI group in general.