Apply Filters is a WordPress development podcast


Pippin Williamson and Brad Touesnard are starting a brand new WordPress podcast specifically about development, for developers, called Apply Filters.

First, they get an A+ for the name. My own site title may hint as to why I like such things.

Pippin and Brad both are experienced developers with proven products. Pippin is founder of Pippin's Plugins and the author of Easy Digital Downloads, plus a slew of other plugins. Brad is the founder of Delicious Brains, who makes the popular WP DB Migrate Pro plugin. He's also the founder of the WP App Store.

I wanted to know what inspired Pippin and Brad to start Apply Filters, when as we know, there are quite a few other options for WordPress podcasts these days:

Why'd you decide to do it?

We both love WordPress podcasts but have always wished there was one just about development. As developers, talking with other developers about each others projects, new APIs, classes, etc, is one of our favorite things, so we're going to try and create the podcast that has been missing from the genre.

How code heavy will it be?

We're developers catering to developers, so expect code to be very prevalent throughout the episodes, though we will certainly touch on aspects of development outside of the actual code.

What's the format?

It is pretty informal, basically Brad and I talking about code, though it won't be just Brad and I as we will periodically be bringing guests onto the show to talk about their own projects and to weigh in on new WordPress features and other topics in WordPress development.

I'm excited about a podcast that's more code heavy than some of our other options. I look forward to learning from these guys and their future guests. It's tough to ask for two better qualified people to host it.

Their first episode is recorded and will be published very, very soon. Meanwhile, get over to their site and subscribe to updates.