WordPress podcasts to keep an eye on

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17 thoughts on “WordPress podcasts to keep an eye on”

  1. Thanks for linking up to Hello Dolly!

    We’re hoping to record an episode this week to discuss the show and what’s next for it.

    Also, this is a great reference for anyone looking for the various WordPress podcasts so nice job on compiling it! There’s certainly no shortage of them (which is great, imo).

  2. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m partial to Your Website Engineer Podcast. Dating back to 2010, I release a new episode every week about a specific topic. Hope I can make your list next time!

  3. There’s also one more just starting up. We’re doing one called MeetWP, which will be like a bi-monthly online virtual Meetup with Meetup/WordCamp style presentations on different topics and a chat alongside with some other networking features coming.


  4. I really want to like the Dradcast but the “wacky” sound effects and having radio-style intros for each segment annoy the crap out of me. What are we some late 80s zany morning show?
    It sounds completely out of place in this context and actually detracts from the show.

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