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WordPress podcasts to keep an eye on

The WordPress podcast landscape seems to be exploding. I’ve been keeping my queue filled for a while now with the shows available. Let’s talk about a few.

The DradCast

The DradCast is a carryover from WP Late Night, hosted by Sucuri CEO Dre Armeda and WebDevStudios co-founder Brad Williams. They are ridiculously experienced and well respected in the WordPress community and can always pull in the best possible guests. They tend to talk about the bleeding edge of WordPress news, events and hot topics.

Matt Report

There are a variety of Slocum Studio shows that I also enjoy. I’ve been on the relatively new Week in WordPress podcast before. But my favorite of their shows is the Matt Report, where Matt Medeiros interviews various WordPress-based entreprenuers and business owners. You’ve probably heard of some of his guests, and others are fresh faces that can really provide great insight. Matt Report has been going strong for 40+ episodes now. I never miss one.

Please Advise

Please Advise is another great podcast. While the show airs infrequently, I love the hosts and their perspectives. Mike McAlister, Jake Caputo, and Chris Molitor are all experienced theme authors. Each of them has experience on ThemeForest, and a couple sell outside of ThemeForest as well. The podcast is witty and fun while covering interesting and noteworthy topics.

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly was a part of the WP Daily blog concept. Now they’ve pulled it under the 8bit umbrella since WP Daily shut down. Tom McFarlin is a prolific WordPress geek, and guides the show, while his partners at 8bit provide commentary. It’s a fun show and I hope they keep it up. I’m not sure quite where to link it any more, so here’s their latest show.


WPWaterCooler is a fun and jam-packed podcast that covers pretty specific topics each episode. The show is led by Jason Tucker and recorded every Monday. Most of the hosts are client service providers just doing the day-to-day and sharing their experience.

New podcasts

And there are a couple of new kids on the block. Project Blender is a podcast by Chris Lema, John Hawkins, and Brandon Dove that intends to bring businesses and developers in the WordPress community together. The first episode is to be determined, but based on what I know about these three outstanding community members, it’s going to be one you don’t want to miss.

Another WordPress centric podcast on the horizon is the absurdly named (in a good way) WP Bacon, a project from Robert Neu at Fat Media and Bobby Brooks. Their first show is July 23rd, where they’ll be interviewing Ghost founder John O’Nolan.

I’ll add these two to my list of podcasts I keep my eye on.

General web development / web business

I can’t resist talking about a few other podcasts I enjoy that are more generally web based.

Shop Talk is a Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert production. If you ever do front-end stuff, you must listen to this. And they’ve had a couple of wonderful WordPress focused guests like Alex King and Daryl Koopersmith.

Pagebreak is a great, typically quick podcast that talks about recent articles and sometimes books they’ve read.

Boagworld has been publishing for years and continues to push great content (they also talked about me once – shining moment).

The East Wing is a pretty good interview show. The Non Breaking Space Show also has nice interviews.

Bizcraft and Businessology are excellent for entrepreneurs and business-minded web folk. Also, tune into Brian Casel on the Bootstrapped Web show. Brian is a veteran of the WordPress space. His new show is interesting and he’s pulling great guests.

Whew. And that’s not even counting my political podcasts. I’ll spare you those!

If you nerd out as hard as I do on podcasts, hopefully you’ve found one or two new ones here you can subscribe to. If I’ve missed your favorites, and I know I’ve left out some pretty popular ones, pitch me in the comments about why I should add them to my list.

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Hello Dolly!

    We’re hoping to record an episode this week to discuss the show and what’s next for it.

    Also, this is a great reference for anyone looking for the various WordPress podcasts so nice job on compiling it! There’s certainly no shortage of them (which is great, imo).

  2. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m partial to Your Website Engineer Podcast. Dating back to 2010, I release a new episode every week about a specific topic. Hope I can make your list next time!

    1. Hi Dustin! I suggested your podcast, but my comment is still on moderation because of the links on it. It’s a great show. By the way, have you started to vlog already?

      1. Great adds! I’ll need to properly check them out. Got that original comment approved – sorry for the delay!

  3. There’s also one more just starting up. We’re doing one called MeetWP, which will be like a bi-monthly online virtual Meetup with Meetup/WordCamp style presentations on different topics and a chat alongside with some other networking features coming.

  4. I really want to like the Dradcast but the “wacky” sound effects and having radio-style intros for each segment annoy the crap out of me. What are we some late 80s zany morning show?
    It sounds completely out of place in this context and actually detracts from the show.

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