Basis, a business theme with an intuitive content builder

basisThe Theme Foundry has released their vision of a business WordPress theme, called Basis. Basis is yet another theme by The Theme Foundry that reiterates why I like having them as a partner. Basis has a content builder in it that allows site owners to easily create dynamic pages.

The content builder is pretty awesome. I installed and configured Basis with a home page template, using the content builder, in less than ten minutes. For an app, product, or small business, Basis lets you put a website together ridiculously quickly.

But what I like best is that all of the markup is stored both in the_content() and in post meta. This makes your content you create with Basis transferrable to another theme, and you only lose styles. This makes it a markup builder as much as anything, and the possibilities for how this concept could be transferred elsewhere are exciting.

I talked to Zack Tollman, the developer of the content builder, about Basis. I told him that this would get a lot of comparisons to drag and drop frameworks. He understood that, and it's something The Theme Foundry talked about a lot before they did this theme.

It's not a drag and drop theme that is made for businesses.
It is a business theme that had hard to arrange layouts that warranted a more complex layout UI that we were compelled to build.

Basis isn't trying to be a framework. It's trying to be a business theme. Their goal isn't to target the drag and drop framework market. But I must say, the intuitiveness of the Basis content builder is impressive. In fact, it's why I write this post. I'd love to see what the WordPress could learn from this for the CEUX (Content Editing User Experience) project. Unfortunately that project is on hold right now.

This video of the Basis content builder in action better shows how good it is:


I've seen a number of companies build template builders. iThemes Builder, WP Jump Start, Headway, and Pagelines come to mind. But Basis is a bit different. It's not trying to be any more than a business theme, and the content builder is the solution they came up with for this theme. I like that.