Blogging is good for business even if you get no traffic

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

3 thoughts on “Blogging is good for business even if you get no traffic”

  1. It may be good for business, but it certainly isn’t good for morale! Sadly I can’t comment on the post (November 2011!) since the server at the recipient site keeps on timing out.

    • I’d say that depends more no how you decide to evaluate the outcome. If it’s ‘getting huge’ then sure.

      I like to evaluate it against my personal growth. Can you see progress in my thoughts?

      For a company does it foster discussion inside the business and get you to make better connections with coworkers.

      Way to many people evaluate the success of a site simply on the traffic. That’s the last metric you should be using when you start a blog. I’d rather have 1 paying customer than 10,000 people reading sucking up bandwidth.

    • Now that the Google Cached copy comes up, he isn’t valuing on traffic at all. His morale is based on the quality of his writing improvement and knowing that much of what he does in business is writing.

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