Bring any slides to WordPress with seoslides

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

3 thoughts on “Bring any slides to WordPress with seoslides”

  1. Thanks for covering this!

    It definitely has the “beta” label for a reason – while it “works”, and we think it provides value right now, there’s definitely some fit and finish we’re working on as we speak.

    It’s also worth highlighting that you can always, forever build presentations and display your presentations in seoslides at no cost. Completely open source / GPL. The slide conversion services and aggregrator site (that will provide serious SEO juice over time – and I see this as a skeptic of anything with the word SEO in it) are SaaS based services that incur cost to run and maintain.

    We’re committed to this product, and eager for feedback, especially as we soften some of the beta edges!

    • Thanks Jake for your extra insight. Good point on the pricing. I look forward to seeing how seoslides evolves.

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