Change Means Growth and Serving Our Community Better

I’ve been thinking about how to best cope with the ever-increasing firehose blast of WordPress news to focus on the ideas, conversations, and voices that matter most each week. Our goal with the newsletter has always been to be a good filter for you, focusing on the greatest value for the greatest number of people rather than being comprehensive in scope. You’ll probably be seeing more at and less in the newsletter β€” more links to the site and less full text.

Keeping all that happens in WordPress in front of us and zeroing in on the key issues is demanding work. I signed up to work with Post Status because Brian and David were great curators β€” who just needed an editor. That role has expanded a lot over the years, but our whole team shares in the curating and ruminating role β€” and so does everyone engaged with Post Status on Slack and Twitter. You too.

Write for Post Status!

We are offering a $350 stipend for any original writing we accept (subject to our editorial criteria) that supports WordPress professionals growing and learning together, no matter where or how they work.

Deeper, thoughtful insight and analysis make slower work and harder to come by. I hope to model it once in a while, and we’ve got more in the bin. We want to invite especially our business members to submit story ideas, questions, sources, and articles for publication at Post Status.

Like the WordPress space, Post Status is always changing too. As David and Talisha transition to other roles, we’re looking at new ways to work and more friends to bring on board to support this special, necessary space.

β€” Dan Knauss

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