Chat with a WordPress skeptic

I talked with Kira Leigh, a full-stack creative entrepreneur and consultant. Skeptic may be too strong of a word, but she makes it clear that she thinks WordPress is too often used when it’s not necessary.

Kira handles every part of her projects, which typically stem from marketing and copywriting, but she takes on design, development, and whatever is required to get the job done. She is the type of person who WordPress should be able to serve quite ably. But more often than not, she would rather steer clear.

In this episode of the Draft Podcast, I talk to Kira about her work, why she is pained by WordPress, and I try to come to some conclusions. I am not sure if I accomplished much, but I do feel like I am better able to see where she’s coming from.

This conversation stemmed from a friend sending me a post Kira wrote that was (to my mind) a bit aggressive toward WordPress β€” and while perhaps not 100% accurate, it is 100% her perception of the reality of working with WordPress.

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  1. Would love to read a transcript because your text sounds interesting. Alas, listening to this is something that I can’t do.

  2. Fantastic discussion – loved the very reasonable way these contentious ideas were handled on both sides. I can’t help but agree with your guest, when I started with WP it seemed like a unicorn, but these days most sites we construct feel like Frankenstein’s monster, and trying to work out if WP should be part of our business model seems to have become my full time job.

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