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Chris Lema on Liquid Web Acquiring LearnDash

Post Status CEO Cory Miller chats with Chris Lema, Vice President of Products at Liquid Web, about Liquid Web’s acquisition of LearnDash. LearnDash will join Liquid Web’s StellarWP brand, and Chris will step in as the General Manager of LearnDash.

It’s been a boom time in recent years for edutech companies. As a leader (and arguably the leader) in the WordPress space for online learning, LearnDash makes WordPress into an effective Learning Management System (LMS). Their plugin comes with a whole ecosystem of addons and integrations, so it’s no surprise LearnDash would be attractive as a platform for a hosting company to acquire.

LearnDash is joining Liquid Web. Will it become the leading LMS turnkey solution?

Get an inside look at the latest big deal in WordPress acquisitions with Chris Lema.

“Everyone knows LearnDash as the leader of online learning in the WordPress ecosystem. We are excited to welcome them to the Liquid Web family as we continue to build our strength in the digital commerce ecosystem. LearnDash takes us deeper into the digital commerce space by offering online educators the best tools to create online courses, quizzes, and dynamic content with built-in marketing and ecommerce features. We believe in their brand, and we know that with our backing, they will continue to deliver the online solutions educators need.”

Chris Lema

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