Client resource: beginner’s guide to SEO

If you’re like me, you’ve been frustrated before when a client asks you if you are “SEO proficient”. SEO is one of those terms that’s so mainstream, many prospective clients ask about it without knowing too much about what they are asking. Mix in the mixed marketing and bad information on the internet, and you’ve got a mess.

Our job is not to make fun of or be angry with clients when they ask about (or even demand) great SEO. Our job is to politely educate. With this resource from Buffer, you can give any client a great introduction to the many aspects of search engine optimization. From there, you can guide them in regard to how to best outfit their WordPress website to suit their needs.

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  1. Those people who are untouched with SEO need some tips and tricks for getting their website ready for SEO as well as boosting its position on search engines. Your beginner guide is providing important tips to the bloggers and other website owners and I would like to share one more tip for them. If you think your website is ready for SEO then you must set social media marketing campaign and direct more people towards your website.

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