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With a Post Status membership, you’ll be joining a diverse and welcoming association of hundreds of professionals and experts from every sector of the WordPress community. It’s a mature group, with roots grown deep and wide since 2013 — and we have fun as well!

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Professional Community

Post Status is for WordPress Professionals

Post Status Slack

Members are invited to a private Slack chat channel, where we have conversations about WordPress, business, development, marketing, books we’re reading, health and wellness — and much more. We generally learn from one another. This channel allows members to connect with hundreds of leaders and influencers in the WordPress community.

💼 Directories of WordPress People and Organizations

Post Status Professional Directory

Our member directory offers members a LinkedIn-style profile for Post Status, as well as an organization directory for WordPress businesses. Businesses and Club Members are linked from posts about them, and posts about them show up in their profiles.

🆓 Outstanding Free Content

Your membership also helps fund the production of new, consistent WordPress content on the main Post Status blog and in the weekly newsletter.

✍️ Curated Content

A weekly newsletter with a roundup of the latest WordPress news and occasional longer articles from Post Status.

📺 Video Content

Live webinars and interviews you can join in or watch later.

🎙️ Audio Content

Rich, focused podcasts with interviews and discussions focused on the WordPress community.

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