Family gathering at festive table

Common Things Unite Us

This week I’ve been reflecting on the things that unite us as a community, as people, as family, and as friends.

I think it comes down to common interests and the common good.

Whether that’s something frivolous like the mind escape that playing online word games gives us, or the serious and life-changing events that muster us to rally around our friends and colleagues who have been plunged into war.

Things both significant and trivial unite us. And all the things in the middle.

At Post Status we unite around WordPress β€” changes, acquisitions, drama, disagreement, and cohesion. Around things happening to the community as a whole β€” or affecting factions and individuals.

Our commUNITY thrives because of our members. We love your enthusiasm, your participation, and your excellence. And we love what you share.

Post Status is sharing and helping community, too! We are sponsoring the Hackathon at Cloudfest! (March 19-21 at Europa-Park in Rust, Baden-WΓΌrttemberg.) And because of that YOU get to attend for FREE.

We are truly grateful for you.

Give. Grow. Together. We’ve got this.

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