Website micro services provider, Elto, is shutting down for now

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5 thoughts on “Website micro services provider, Elto, is shutting down for now”

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ned and his team put together. I’ve been happy to refer theme customers to them. The scores my customers gave were pretty decent (8.9 / 10), their pricing was reasonable and their commission being a good deal better than the other service I looked at was a nice bonus.

    I’ll probably send people to Codeable until Elto re-launches, then refer to both if Codeable lives up to their claim of 99 out of 100 giving a 5-star rating. It’s good to get a couple quotes.

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable referring people to Envato Studio for WordPress development.

  2. We spent most of last year learning that selling WordPress customisation services on the cheap isn’t sustainable.

    The sheer number of themes out there means you can’t just know how everything works immediately, and it often takes longer than 5 minutes to handle a 5-minute tweak when you’re trying to understand poorly written theme docs, or sifting through illogical file structures to find a hidden function.

    Most of our customers don’t believe they should be paying us to learn their theme, and I tend to agree with them. So in 2015 we’re scaling back on the theme shops we support, and increasing our hourly customisation rate to cover our discovery time. In a perfect world we’d convert this service into a product, and I’m looking forward to seeing if/how Elto achieve this.

  3. Steven, I’ll be glad to provide with as many testimonials from our customers as you want, screenshots and all 🙂

    We discovered pretty much the same thing as Elto did, working on small projects can be pretty hard. Luckily for us, we discovered a few solutions to that problem so we’re just about become profitable in about a month or two (also ran on investments for nearly two years)

    If you want to learn more, always feel free to reach out to me via email ([email protected]) or skype (clientbag)

    Tomaz Zaman,
    founder of Codeable

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