Evermore, hosted WordPress with power and ease of use

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  1. I’d just like to buy into their evolving list of themes and plugins. Someone needs to offer that service: a high standard insider view of the best of breed, best supported, and most complementary products.

  2. This looks great, will check it out! I think there’s definitely a gap in the market, especially for small businesses who want the features of WordPress, but need the setup and maintenance to be easy and affordable (and by easy, I mean REALLY easy). We launched a similar automated service last October and it helps us meet the needs of clients that aren’t a good fit for custom projects and who might otherwise choose Wix, Weebly or Squarespace. I think there’s room for many more hosted WordPress services and it will be fun to see how the space evolves.

  3. Good idea, but prices are way too high, $500 for just setting up, and $50/month for maintaining it, im just giving an example, i joined a managed wp hosting called hostawesome, they have done every thing for me from setting up theme, gapps, configuring cache plugins, speed optimization for free. but why would someone pay $500 if people are doing that for free. Dont get me wrong what they are doing is great, providing all wp stuff for free, but i think prices are a bit on expensive side, compared to other platforms

    • There’s a couple of distinctions that might help you understand why the pricing isn’t really comparable to managed WordPress hosts.

      First of all, we tend to take for granted how overwhelming (and risky) it is for people to go hunting for WordPress themes and plugins to accomplish what they want. Not only is it hard to understand where to look, but the final look of theme demos are often difficult to reproduce‚ÄĒand that doesn’t even touch code quality. The same goes for plugins. Evermore offers an existing selection of themes and plugins to enable, so it saves people a lot of time and energy. Again, these are folks who often aren’t familiar with (or even loyal to) WordPress. They just want things to work, and they’re attracted to the idea of not being tied to a closed platform if they want to do something custom later on.

      We also centralize support for these folks, take care of licensing, etc. Since we control what plugins and themes are available, we can fully support the coexistence of all of them. If there’s a bug in a plugin, or two plugins are conflicting with one another, *we* can help the customers directly, instead of them having to go to yet another place to request help from companies who may or may not be good at support.

      Managed hosting often takes care of the server-level stuff and helps as they can with bugs that pop up. We take the extra step of actually supporting the functionality. Where hosts would have to say, “Contact the plugin author,” we say, “We’ve contacted the plugin author and have gone ahead and patched this bug for you.”

      But, that’s why the transition *out* of Evermore is important as well. When you’re ready to implement a custom theme, or need a plugin we won’t support, we’ll recommend hosts exactly like what you’re talking about, because they do great stuff. You’ll get a zipped up file of all the active plugins and themes in addition to your database, which that host will gladly implement for you. It means your site is truly portable.

      Hope that helps a bit. Again, it’s designed for folks who would gladly part with that setup fee in exchange for not having to worry about all that stuff that we often take for granted. We’ve found that many people think it’s on the low side. ūüôā

    • What Cliff and his business partner at Evermore are doing is not like the managed hosts. They’re also doing some consulting. Discussing with the customer their needs and suggesting the best plugins for the job along with helping them get everything setup initially. So it’s not just hosting, there is also a consulting component of what they are providing. It’s not automated. That costs time and money. With that in mind, it’s a great service.

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