Five Ways to Participate in Five for the Future

What is “Five for the Future?”

Since 2014, the Five for the Future program has “encourage[d] organizations to contribute five percent of their resources to WordPress development.” According to the Five for the Future website, “WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg proposed this benchmark to maintain a “golden ratio” of contributors to users.”

So what does it look like in practice to contribute to Five for the Future? Your opportunities as a contributor can be as vast as the WordPress project itself. Whether sponsoring events to subtitling videos on, there are many ways to get involved.

The best way to decide how to contribute is to review the nearly 20 different teams that make up Make WordPress. Within each team, skim the top welcome boxes, review meeting times, and read a few recent posts to see what the team has been working on. Then, consider your skills and availability. Many teams have a few low-lift ways to contribute occasionally for just a few hours, while others need more regular help.


Show How You Contribute!

To indicate which teams you contribute to, follow this helpful guide to configure your profile. Organizations can list their contributions using this form.

Let’s look at five ways to contribute to Five for the Future.

1. Inclusiveness

Where can you go to find ways to get more people using WordPress and contributing to the community?

2. Technical Content Creation

3. Reviewing Submissions

  • Themes reviews and approves themes submitted to the official WordPress Theme directory. The primary focus of the team is to help theme authors transition to block-based themes.
  • Support manages the forums.
  • handles video editing and distribution of WordCamp presentations.

4. Coding

5. Testing

Get Involved

Are you interested in contributing occasionally or with a regular cadence? Getting involved in the various Make teams can be a great way to increase your skills, stay current about what is happening in the WordPress project, and give back to it.

For more great insights into the many ways you can participate in the WordPress project, listen to Josepha Haden Chomphosy’s WP Briefing episode about “WordPressing Your Way to Digital Literacy.”

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