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Are you interested in starting or developing your career with WordPress? Begin here.

We believe anyone can self-train and find a full-time, remote job in the web industry. 💪

There is no magic amount of time, energy, or money you need to spend to build a career in WordPress. That said, there's no doubt you can gain what you need to get hired full-time if you put in 3-12 months of general study and focused skill development.

The only question is, “Are you ready to start?”

🎙️ Tune in to the Get Hired podcast‘s first season with Courtney Robertson and Cory Miller. They will walk you through the process of job-seeking — from deciding what you really want to do, then learning the minimum skills and tools that you need to master — and finally how to start down that path with a project that gets you involved in the WordPress community.

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