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What does it take to get hired in a remote role with a WordPress company?

There is no magic amount of time, energy, or money you need to spend to build a career in WordPress. That said, there's no doubt you can gain what you need to get hired full-time if you put in 3-12 months of general study and focused skill development.

The only question is, “Are you ready to start?”

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Tune in to the Get Hired podcast‘s first season with Courtney Robertson and Cory Miller.

Cory and Courtney will walk you through the process of job-seeking — from deciding what you really want to do, then learning the minimum skills and tools that you need to master — and finally how to start down that path with a project that gets you involved in the WordPress community.

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The Get Hired podcast helps people explore the kinds of careers they might have in the WordPress ecosystem by interviewing employees of WordPress companies about the role they currently have — as well as employers and hiring managers who hire for that role. 

If you have a job or do the hiring in a WordPress company, we want to interview you! If you’d like to be on Get Hired, please get in touch with us. Get Hired episodes may be recorded in both audio and video.

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Get Hired

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