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What does it take to get hired in a remote role with a WordPress company?

There is no magic amount of time, energy, or money you need to spend to build a career in WordPress. That said, there’s no doubt you can gain what you need to get hired full-time if you put in 3-12 months of general study and focused skill development.

The only question is, “Are you ready to start?”

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Pandemic experiences, “Are you disabled?” and the history of screen readers

Back in July, Sabina Ionescu published a lot of different responses from people in the WordPress community to questions about the impact of the pandemic on them. I missed it then, but it’s still relevant and worth reading. Some other things I’ve enjoyed but haven’t slipped into a post yet: Joanne Limburg discusses the agonizing…
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The WordPress Enterprise Paradox

“WordPress as a platform is putting us on the enterprise path.Β But what got us here is what makes us irrelevant,” says Magne Ilsaas, CEO and Founding Partner of Dekode. Magne wants to start an overdue conversation about three big risks β€” and opportunities β€” for WordPress agencies: 1) A lack of spaces for professional conversations and knowledge-sharing, including professional events, meetups, and mastermind groups catering to enterprise WordPress. 2) Successful agencies that use WordPress extensively with little or no community involvement whose work would benefit from enterprise WordPress peer networks. 3) An over-emphasis in WordPress agencies on short-term engineering solutions to the exclusion of long-term business solutions. What’s often left out is design, user experience, and most of all the capacity to play a strategic advisory role in partnership with clients.
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Tune in to the Get Hired podcast‘s first season with Courtney Robertson and Cory Miller.

Cory and Courtney will walk you through the process of job-seeking β€” from deciding what you really want to do, then learning the minimum skills and tools that you need to master β€” and finally how to start down that path with a project that gets you involved in the WordPress community.

Get Hired - Cory Miller & Courtney Robertson

Get Involved

In episode #5 of the Get Hired Podcast you’ll learn about networking opportunities like WordCamps, meetups, and teams.
Get Hired - Cory Miller & Courtney Robertson

Start a Project

In this episode of Get Hired, you’ll learn how to enter the world of WordPress by starting a project to share with hiring managers.

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The Get Hired podcast helps people explore the kinds of careers they might have in the WordPress ecosystem by interviewing employees of WordPress companies about the role they currently have β€” as well as employers and hiring managers who hire for that role. 

If you have a job or do the hiring in a WordPress company, we want to interview you! If you’d like to be on Get Hired, please get in touch with us. Get Hired episodes may be recorded in both audio and video.

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