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Welcome to the fourth episode of the Post Status Get Hired podcast! In it, Cory Miller (CEO of Post Status) and Courtney Robertson (Web Designer and Developer Advocate at GoDaddy) discuss portfolios.

During the interview process, you should have a portfolio of your work to share β€” even if it’s not required. Often a portfolio is required β€” portfolios are standard and expected along with resumes in many roles. Writers, designers, coders, and other creatives should all have updated portfolios ready for the application and interview process.

But when you’re just starting out, how do you build a portfolio from scratch? A project you create and use to learn new skills is a great way to begin building a portfolio. It could be as simple as creating your own website or blog.

In this episode of Get Hired, you’ll learn how to enter the world of WordPress by starting a project to share with hiring managers.

πŸŽ™οΈ Every week Get Hired will help you discover careers in WordPress. Cory Miller and Courtney Robertson created this podcast series for anyone starting or developing a career in WordPress. Cory and Courtney will walk you through all the phases of job-seeking: figuring out what you really want to do in your career, identifying and acquiring the minimum skills and tools you need to master, how to start a project, and how to get involved in the WordPress community. 🐦 Follow @GetHiredWP! Browse our archives, and don’t forget to subscribe via Castos or by RSS. 🎧

Topics Covered in This Episode of Get Hired:

  • Start a WordPress Blog
    • Share what you know by starting a WordPress site
    • Share your learning by blogging about it
    • Show off your work by embedding code onto your site
    • Acquire writing skills and experience
  • Start or Contribute to a Code Project
    • GitHub portfolios can be linked to from your profile

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About Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson

Courtney Robertson is currently a Web Designer and Developer Advocate in the GoDaddy Pro team and the co-rep of the Make WordPress Training Team.

Courtney is driven by the desire to empower various schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the most unlikely places by training their students, staff, and business community in business and technology to impact their economy and quality of living. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging matter greatly to Courtney.

You can contact Courtney on LinkedIn, Twitter, or on her personal website.

About Cory Miller

Cory Miller, CEO of Post Status

Cory Miller is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in finding and maintaining work happiness while challenging you to do great things with your life. In 2008, he started iThemes, a pioneer in building cutting-edge web design software and training, which he grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise, and sold to Liquid Web in 2018. In addition to being a regular leadership speaker, trainer and writer, he is the co-author of WordPress All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley, 2011).

You can contact Cory on LinkedIn, Twitter, or on his personal website.

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