Flagged by Google in style(.css)

My apologies for the headline. I couldn’t resist. Yesterday, Jeff at WP Tavern covered yet another new A/B testing service. With dreadful timing, the site was also flagged by Google as malware for some users. As a commenter points out in the follow-up post on WP-ABTesting (the flagged site), it turned out to be flagged because the URL in the main style.css file was the site that actually had malware.

I’m not a security expert at all, but this seems pretty wild. And it would make me hesitate even more than I otherwise would about using a theme from an uncertain source.

Also, I feel for these guys. That’s some awful timing.

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  1. “Using a theme from an uncertain source”

    Doesn’t sound like that was the case here. No one was actually infected, it was a false alarm, right?

    My own suspicion would be that some torrent site of questionable character was linking to the theme demo, and it cascaded through.

    Again though, this doesn’t reflect poorly on the theme developer at all. Just very unfortunate.

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