What fold?


It doesn't matter how many times we explain it, clients are still concerned with the fold.

The fold does not exist on the web, especially when we do our jobs as web designers and developers.

The fold is a print holdout. Today's devices are all different sizes, and modern design responds to those devices.

Yes, more users see the top of pages than the bottom of pages. But how many users that convert stay at the top of the page? I'd argue users that don't scroll are largely users that would bounce anyway, or are users that we're driving away ourselves.

That's not to say we should be lazy. We should encourage exploration in our websites. If anyone can kill the fold the fastest, it's web designers. If you cram everything up top, what's going to encourage the user to scroll?

Our calls to action, attention to detail for good typography, focus on content, and other design practices should be designed to be flexible across platforms, and focus not on the barriers of an arbitrary view but the quality and readability of the content and story within those barriers.

Here are some of my favorite resources on the fold, with some insight you may not have heard before. Take this information, and destroy the myth of the fold to your clients.