A new WordPress editing concept: Inline access

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4 thoughts on “A new WordPress editing concept: Inline access”

  1. This is probably the biggest enhancement that could be made to make WordPress truly viable as a CMS for client work. One of the biggest downfalls for clients (and even well-informed WPers who weren’t involved in the content set-up) is trying to find where the content exists in the back-end editor. For the uninitiated, especially, it doesn’t make sense that all the things you see on the “About Us” page aren’t editable on the same-named page in the admin. I can’t wait for a feature like this to be implemented.

    • I completely agree. WordPress is a CMS for site builders. It’s useability is directly related to the process of setting up the site. I’ve switched to C5 for client sites because of the awesome inline editor and the clients not only make their own changes more… but love my work 100% of the time (so far). I won’t promise clients that I’m giving them an “easy to use” CMS in WP just because it is easy for me to use it on sites I’ve built.

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