Growth in the French community

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Written By Jenny Beaumont

11 thoughts on “Growth in the French community”

  1. beautiful synthesis
    Thank you for not having forgotten contributors who provide their experience and gratis extensions … (Weekend-Ware, Posts,…) 🙂

  2. I’ve already been asked the pointed question (that I was more or less expecting), “why didn’t you mention this person or that agency?”

    Fair enough! It’s true, there are a lot of people who are driving forces in the French community and economy that didn’t get mentioned above. My aim here was to focus on those who have an “international reach”. Those who people outside of France may know or have come into contact with either directly or because they use their products. This wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, but simply an occasion to say, “hey, did you know these folks are French?!”

    Thank you for reading!

  3. Great post, Jenny! Not to mention your fluency in English, which I admire.

    I’m hoping the tiny WordPress Rennes initiative will organize some events soon.

    Now that I use WordPress daily at work, I would also like to take part in a WordCamp, it sounds amazing. 🙂

    Is there any IRC or Slack channel for French WP folks?

    • Thank you, Marie, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I recently gave the Rennes user group a “bump” – you know I live only an hour from there! So yes, hopefully we’ll see some action after the summer.

      And here’s a page where you can get yourself invited to come join us on the French community Slack there’s a channel for almost everything 🙂

  4. Hey, nice post about WordPress in France *clap clap*.

    I’ve been at WP Tech Nantes in 2014, it was a great success. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Julio, Alex, Daniel, etc.

    I’m working at Orange as a WP consultant and it’s difficult to fight against old clichés 😉 but i’m working on it, I became an evangelist towards my colleagues.

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