Have a happy WordPress podcast weekend

I hope you are having a great weekend. This last week, I had the pleasure of being on two podcasts: DradCast and Week in WordPress.

I had a great time Wednesday night talking to Dre Armeda and Brad Williams about all sorts of stuff going on in the WordPress community. The show kicks off with a fairly long-winded (sorry) story of how I got into WordPress and the story of Post Status from when I concepted it to now. And of course we talked about all the hot drama in the WordPress community. You can check it out below:


I was also on Week in WordPress on Friday with Matt Medeiros, Scott Sousa, and Thomas Griffin. We talked a good bit about the GPL, WordPress and business, plus other news in the WordPress community. Check out all of the shownotes or watch it below:

If you watch both of these and you’re not sick of me, I might be a little worried.

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