Here are some other recent links…

Here are some other recent links to share regarding Gutenberg:

If you haven’t seen Morten Rand-Hendriksen talk at WordCamp US, I would highly recommend it. He also has two articles on LinkedIn: one high level post on what we need to be aware of now and another covering his thoughts on the conditions for success for WordPress with Gutenberg.

Robby McCullough from Beaver Builder speculates how page builders might operate in a “Gutenberg World.” Rob thinks “there’s always going to be another level of customization and features that Page Builders can provide.”

Eric Mann talks about how Gutenberg is going to pull the rug out from a number of people. The people referring to here are those who have platforms, themes and plugins built by third parties that they cannot update on their own.

Michael Hebenstreit is worried that it may be a burdensome cost for small business owners to manage during rollout.

Finally I suggest you check out Tom Nowell’s frontend (and logged out) version of Gutenberg he calls “Frontenberg”. An experiment but does a decent job of letting you test out some things instantly.

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