How much are the big WordPress companies making?

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6 thoughts on “How much are the big WordPress companies making?”

  1. Money is always a tough thing to talk about. We each feel so self-conscious about it. My current income (invoices paid) sits around $45 – 50k which is by no means super huge, but it lets me live comfortable.

    To many that number may seem super low, I’m have no doubt that others in the WordPress industry may have thought they did more business than me and realize now that they don’t and I’m sure it swings the other way as well.

    Whenever I see discussions about finances like this it’s always important to frame them in what the expectations of the owner/operator are. I’m happy taking Friday’s off and most of Tuesday mornings to do podcasts, ride my bike…I could do more income if I worked more, but then quality of life…

    • Curtis, thanks for sharing! I love your openness. When you say “current income (invoices paid)” do you mean so far this year, or that’s your average per-year? Just out of curiousity, because I’m not sure it was clear.

      Money in and of itself means nothing. You are totally right. It all depends what you expect, what you want, and what you plan to do for it. Working 80 hours a week to make more than the other guy is dumb. Working 80 hours a week to do something special that you are proud of is totally worthwhile for many. On the other side, making a good living working 35 hours a week is super attractive as well, even if it’s not as much as the guy working 80 hours per week is making.

      • As in that’s the invoices collected this year. That’s about the total income for last year so I’m on track to 2x my income from last year.

        My wife and I have been teaching some financial management courses lately. I’ve seen the power of just sharing numbers without tiptoeing around them.

        Way to many people view money as an indicator of their worth. It is not that at all.

  2. Hey Brian. Sorry if that comment seemed like chest puffing. I actually hate talking about money, because that’s a byproduct of what we’re trying to achieve, not the main focus.

    The Fast Company “article” was a blatant attempt to disparage the WordPress market, which is vibrant and growing ever faster. I though it was appropriate at that point to give some hard facts about where we’re at to counter his misrepresentations.

    As far as we know, there are no other WP companies that make more than us, other than Automattic. Hence the “second” designation.

    And if you’re disappointed in $7 million, stick with us. We’re just getting going.


    • Hey Brian! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I actually love that you disclosed the revenue, but I’d rather see it in a post with some analysis or something. John really stirred the pot with that post, and that’s why I felt it was a bit chest-puffy in that context 🙂

      Technically, I don’t *know* of others that make more, but that’s because it’s just not public. I have a feeling that a couple are beyond that number – but I don’t know for sure. I also think there are probably a few companies we’ve never heard of that are making a ton of money using WordPress.

      And don’t worry about my disappointment, you guys are doing just fine obviously, and I’m excited to see what you come up with next 🙂

      PS, for real, I’d love to see a post or video where you break down your revenue streams and strategies. I’m fascinated by that type of information (and would pay to hear you discuss it).

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