Impressions from a Drupal professional new to WordPress

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

3 thoughts on “Impressions from a Drupal professional new to WordPress”

  1. I find myself asking the same thing. WordPress has gotten so huge that it has driven my skills to every open source technology. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are going nowhere. As in they will exsist for as long as I live. Two areas where WP will lack in the future is JSON 1st (I hear tell of greatness) , and second; it’s serverside relationship. PHP is solid, but could benefit from Rails and even objective-C and the even newer Swift. It’s possible scope IS the issue. How far can we stretch this PHP puppy? It’s API documentation, with it’s added support from its community has gotten it this far. Are it’s formidable content delivery relationships viable in today’s Hardware market? I’m riding the ship right now. WP can solve most scenarios in a wide angle of marketing situations with today’s media, I trust WordPress. It will only ever fail without its community.

    • “Stretch” PHP in WordPress?.. WP isn’t even close to filling PHP out.

      It’s not PHP that is lacking, it’s WP’s intentional commitment to obsolete dialect of and resulting rift with rest of PHP ecosystem.

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