UpThemes adds Lucid theme collection to their reportoire

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

3 thoughts on “UpThemes adds Lucid theme collection to their reportoire”

  1. “Selling themes is definitely about a lot more than good design and code.”
    – It’s interesting how some companies are not doing so well (Lucid Themes) and yet other companies of similar age (take Tesla Themes for example) seems to be really thriving… I wonder why some succeed and some don’t… is it primarily just a case of better marketing for example?

    “…the rubble of a collapsing market”
    – But is there any evidence to suggest it’s a collapsing market? Some new companies (i.e. about a year old or so) seem to be really thriving…

    • The decision to sell had little to do with slow sales growth. But you and Brian aren’t wrong… sales were slow and most of it was due to a lack of marketing.
      The plan from the beginning was to build a bit of a catalog before really throwing some weight into marketing it, though.

      The decision had a lot more to do with the coming job announcement and a desire to narrow my focus to fewer side projects.

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